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It’s Finally Over!

I really did enjoy doing this project, even though I didn’t like doing it on Levi’s jeans. I actually will probably continue to add to my blo, but I will probably do different brands like Nike or Adidas, just because those are brands that I can relate more with. If I had to critique my blog and give myself a fair grade I feel like I deserve a B- or like a C+. I want to say that I did better than a C, but I know not all of my ideas are that great. Some of them I really liked and am glad I made and others were just not as good. I did put a lot of thought into each of my ideas and tried to expand them to work for other types of media other than magazines and television ads, but I just was really lazy on creating the posts. When it got closer to the due date, the stress really helped me get in gear and that’s why a lot of my recent posts were not that long ago. I hope you guys enjoy grading my blog. Good luck next semester!   Also I just added categories for my blog posts to help keep them in order for you guys so if it says it was revised or posted today it’s because I was just adding them to the different categories.


54. Review – Regrets

I like many of my posts, but there are definitely some posts that I wish I did not create. I wish that I used other mediums besides using mostly Photoshop and some Photography. I would have done more photography, but the camera I have now barely works as it is since it is very old. I don’t want to make excuses for why I didn’t use other mediums. I guess I just never thought of an idea and said, “That would be perfect if I made it in/with _____.” I hope the more I progress in this major, the more mediums I will learn to use to express my ideas in a creative and original fashion.

Will and Scott should create a survey to pass out to everyone in class Wednesday and ask their thoughts about the project now that it is finished and if it ended up being easier or harder than they originally thought at the beginning of the semester. I for one thought it wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be, but it wasn’t easy either… If we did something small like last class did, like Band-Aids, I feel like it would have been very easy.

During the entire project 54, I only received about 4 comments on my posts. I was really hoping to receive more and use other people’s inputs to help make my blog better, but nobody commented. I thank the people who did comment on my posts and appreciate giving me their thoughts on them. I know part of each week was to comment on people’s posts, but it didn’t seem to start the ripple that I was hoping it would where everyone was engaged with each other’s blogs. I do admit, I didn’t comment on many people’s blogs either, but the one’s I did comment on, I made sure I told them what I thought of their post and how they could make it better.

Now that Project 54 is almost done, I am wishing we were given better directives. In my opinion, some of the directives were very similar to one another which made it that much harder, for example tough and brave. I wish they added more No Directives in there because I feel like my best work was when I did not have a directive to follow and I could make whatever I felt like making for Levi’s. Some of the directives I think were good like thankful and seductive, but I think we should have voted in class on what we wanted to directive to be. At least then we could have decided which ideas for directives were good and which ones were bad or already used.

After posting that one picture for Brand Loyalty with the guy who shaved the apple logo in his head, it got me thinking. Has anyone ever done that for Levi’s before? There is no better way to stick out than to have some logo or some design shaved into your head. I haven’t checked EVERY post for this project so i’m not sure if anyone has done it yet. I wish that I didn’t get a haircut just last week because I would have definitely done it. I would have had enough hair to do it too because I participated in no shave November and I didn’t get a haircut in the month of November either. Perhaps after my hair grows back I will still get it shaved into my head and I will post a picture of it on my blog.

For my last post for this directive, I couldn’t think of any way to be seductive with Levi’s on and then I decided to look at it a different way. Being seductive by taking the Levi’s off. Slowly undressing is always seductive and it would be really seductive if they were slowly taking of a pair of Levi’s.

I was doing my homework for some other classes last night while watching TV and The Matrix came on. The Matrix gave me a really good idea for independent that I knew I had to use. The part that gave me the idea was when Morpheus is teaching Neo about The Matrix and they are in one program where Morpheus is explaining how anyone still in The Matrix could be an Agent while they are walking down the street and a girl in a red dress walks buy who catches Neo’s attention because she sticks out. I thought of  having someone sticking out from the rest of the crowd by wearing Levi’s jeans. Maybe even wearing one of those denim suits mentioned earlier. I think this is a great example of someone being independent from the group.

In my Marketing class, we were going over brand loyalty and how some people will buy a certain type of brand no matter the price, just because they want to be affiliated with that brand and what it stands for. This gave me the idea that, in a way, people who are loyal to Levi’s are being quixotic because they are blindly following the brand so they can kind of be a part of the brand themselves.  I myself am pretty loyal to some brands like Nike and Polo, but I don’t go out of my way to buy these brands. Unless it was something I really wanted.

Quixotic has many definitions. One of them is, “being impractical.” For something to be impractical, it would have to be abstract, or not useful. I thought about different products that Levi’s could create or have created that would be completely useless and abstract and I thought denim suits are pretty abstract.  At first I didn’t even know they existed until I googled it. I was really surprised that they have already made denim suits. I have never seen anyone wear one in public before. I think they are kind of useless and I do not know  why anyone would buy one, unless they really wanted people to know that they like denim. But then again, everyone has different tastes on what’s cool and what’s not.